DIY Wind Filter For Shotgun Microphone

A very quick video on how to make a very simple wind filter (aka dead cat) for a shotgun microphone.


Square of faux fur fabric (I used some spare I had from costuming you'll need to measure for your needs) Thread


Long sewing needle (make sure it is long otherwise it could get lost in your fabric)

HI! I am a conceptual fine art and commercial photographer in El Paso, TX and understand how disheartening it can be to want to dive into fantasy photography and get overwhelmed by the cost of it all. Been there! So as part of my educational series of videos I will be presenting to you how you too can create stunning conceptual fine art images with a budget in mind! I certainly don't want to have a mass amount of supplies on hand at all times and I'd really rather my money going to more awesome equipment or stuffing my face with delicious food.

In order for that to happen I need to think frugally when created my images. I will lead you along the path of how exactly you can use your imagination to benefit you in the long run. This video was created (haphazardly obviously) because I needed a wind filter for my shotgun microphone for some video testimonials I will be doing tomorrow. I really did not want to spend the $60 for one at best buy. I did a bit of research and by utilizing supplies I already have I was able to create one exactly for my needs and my equipment for roughly $3 (if I were to have bought the fabric).

Music in the video provided by

Song: summer


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