What is Personal Branding Photography? (More Than A Headshot)

I'm sure you have heard of branding for your business, and you have heard of headshots. But, what is personal branding photography and exactly how does it differ from headshots? Well, essentially personal branding photography is headshots on steroids. No, it's not a bloated headshot. Funny visual though.

Personal branding photography is imagery that brings out and showcases the personality of the entrepreneur and the business. It is so much more than just a headshot (though this is part of the package). It is portraiture that shows your clients or customers who you are and what you are about through imagery that compliments social media posts, marketing materials, mission statements, blogs, vlogs, and so much more. Consumers want to build relationships with businesses now. They don't want to feel like they are just a dollar bill or a number and through personal branding you can show your clients that you are relatable, reliable, trustworthy, and that you understand this desire for relationship building. So, why not just go with inexpensive stock imagery? There are a few reasons for this;

1. It isn't your business you are showcasing. It is someone else. Your clients want to you know YOU. Not a model.

2. Have you ever read some of the usage limitations on stock photography? Unless you are paying for the commercial license (which is quite hefty btw), you are limited by what you can actually do with it. 3. It's simply not a full representation of your values or personality as a business.

Part of your advertising budget should go towards personal branding for your social media posts, ad campaigns and engagement with your customers. Bring out the true personal branding of your business.

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