10 Things You Can Do To Support Creatives (That Don't Cost You A Dime)

Did you know that there are many ways you can support an artist, creative, or entrepreneur that you like that doesn't actually cost you a dime? Here is a list of ways that really help out that can reap major dividends for them.

  • 1. Like their social media pages. Seriously.

  • 2. Comment on posts here and there and not just send a like. Engagement is key even if it is just a few words of support. Algorithms on social media platforms boosts those with the most engagement. So a few encouraging words helps posts get seen by more people.

  • 3. Review their businesses on their social media and if they are registered on Google, Yelp, and other platforms.

  • 4. Share! Share their work, website, social media links.

  • 5. Have a blog or website of your own? Link back to them. I know if you do that for me I'll do it for you.

  • 6. Refer them. When someone looks for a service or product they provide refer them.

  • 7. Send them an encouraging and supportive message of appreciation. Artists and creatives get discouraged very easily and we aren't always the best at deciphering if people enjoy our work. This is a great way to let the creatives you know that their hard work is appreciated.

  • 8. Offer trade services. If you have a valuable skill or item that could be of use to the creative offer to barter services or products. We can all use a bit of help that doesn't cost us anything.

  • 9. Connect people. Networking is vital to the lifeblood of creatives and when you think two or more people could network and be beneficial to each other, be the middle man that facilitates that connection.

  • 10. Mentor. If you have mastered a skill set and you see someone working in the same field and recognize they have passion, drive, and motivation, offer up mentorship. The arts relies on knowledge being passed down from master to apprentice and even in the digital age this is critical to keep the craft going. Share your knowledge and encourage them to do the same.

We can all use a great support team and those are just some ways you can show your support that doesn't cost you anything

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