Creative Vomit

Say what?! Ok, ok. I know it isn't exactly the most enticing of titles and that is precisely the point. It's a weird combination of words that gets one thinking about the possibilities what exactly it means. Creativity is just that. Thinking of ways to create something. This something could be anything really. From figuring out what spices enhance your culinary concoction to discerning what makes a piece of art speak to your audience. Though unfortunately, many of us hit creative ruts or downright think we aren't creative. To that last part, I say a huge BS! We are all creative, we just have to recognize how individualistic we are about creativity. That is a whole other rant. The first part is what I want to talk about; creative rut. All of us, especially self recognized creatives find ourselves hitting creative plateaus all the time. This is frustrating at the very least and debilitating at the worst. We live, breathe, eat, and well, a few other things, our creativity. When we find it isn't there it is almost as if we lost a part of ourselves. Cue the depression. A great way to combat this is through what I like to call, creative vomit. No, you are not going to make yourself vomit cause that is pretty darn nasty and I am pretty sure it isn't exactly a healthy act. Borrowed from my creative writing classes and what I have learned with journaling is that you are going to just start writing. We called it word vomit in the classes because you are just spewing out words until you find yourself naturally writing a story. Even if at the moment of writing it is a discombobulated mess of letters and a jumbled soup of words, it enlightens us to our thoughts and processes of writing. This is almost exactly how we can pull ourselves out of creative ruts. I tend to find that writing down ideas helps, to a point. I love writing though it is not a strong suit of mine. I love love love talking so I find my creative ruts and pulling myself out of it through creative vomit is talking with my creative friends. Bouncing ideas. There is a thing in business innovation call the innovation funnel. Companies hire people to come up with innovative ideas and everyone on the team throws idea into the funnel. BTW, there is no such thing as a bad idea. In this process ideas that fit the goal and vision of the company are funneled down and the remaining ideas are kept noted to be looked at again in the future. No idea is ever thrown out. Creative vomit is the same principle as well. Throw out the ideas into a funnel and then look at each idea closer to see what fits best with where you are at and what you want to create. By having a trusted friend, family member, or colleague to bounce ideas off of with feedback you each benefit creatively. Eventually you are idea funneling with the principle of how writers get through writers block. Thus, the creative vomit theory was established.

Now, go out and vomit all the creativity!!

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