Conceptual Photography. Wait. What?

Unless you have hung around a bunch of photographers or are heavy in the arts industry, you probably have no idea what conceptual photography is and just nod your head like you do. If you have hung around photographers I'm sure you've heard the term used quite a bit and still don't know exactly what it is. Some like to think of conceptual photography as fine art photography. Even though it does fall under the umbrella it is actually a stylization all of it's own. As fine art photography can be of landscapes, architecture, nature, and so much more, conceptual photography simply put, tells a story. Since the inception of the photographic arts people have been utilizing the medium to capture reality and present it in a surreal way. To let the viewer experience something that stirs emotions and tells a story. This story can be based on fantasy or reality. There is endless ways to create this and it is all diversely unique as the photographers that create them. Conceptual photography processes come with coming up with an idea, planning how to execute it, and then how to post process it. We see this from hobby photographers to commercial professionals. Ad campaigns and art galleries alike feature this medium and it can be simple to extravagant. Some of my favorites are:

Margarita Kareva

And here is a wonderful list of other incredible conceptual photographers you must see.

Now, how does conceptual photography work for you other than just enjoying the visuals? Well, a truly unique image. Ok, let me break that down. Portraits are extremely important for the preservation of one's existence long after we leave this plane of existence. It can make us feel wonderful about ourselves right now, celebrate the families and relationships we've created, and capture this one moment in time that will never exist again. There are many ways that this can be done, but conceptual portrait photography allows you to create truly unique images that tell the story or dreams of you and those you love. Imagine having a fine art conceptual photograph of you and your family hanging in your home to wow everyone. This is a growing aspect of portraiture that you should think about for your next photo session.

Do you have a favorite conceptual photographer that you think I should know about? Link them in the comments section.


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