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Last week I had talked about what exactly is conceptual portrait photography. I hope that gave some insight on how that can take your next photo session to a new level and really showcase you and all of your facets of the dynamic person you are. Also, they are just a lot of fun and why not? This week I want to talk to you all about what differences are between commercial, fashion, and editorial photography. A lot of us get confused about these and though they can be used together they are unique amongst themselves in stylization and impact. If you are searching for a photographer for one of these it is a good idea to know exactly what it is you are looking for so you can get the right person for the right job. If you are a photographer looking to expand into fashion, commercial, and/or editorial, it is a good idea to know the differences so you can build the right portfolio so you can be the right person for the right job. Knowing the differences and having a strong portfolio showcasing each the key between be hired and well, not.

Commercial and Fashion photography are both under the umbrella of commercial as they are both designed to sell a product. Though the defining factors between the two genres are simply to sell a product and the other creates a lifestyle. Commercial photography is meant to create incredible imagery that sells the product in the best light possible. This can be done in many ways including artistically though the subject of the image is the product. Fashion photography does that though it's emphasis is on creating a lifestyle image, not unlike conceptual photography (which btw, can be very much incorporated in fashion photography. Yay! blurred lines). The story of the image is what brings to light the fashion in order to sell it and by the viewer looking at it feels that the lifestyle of the image is what they may have by purchasing that fashion. Editorial photography is about storytelling. Through either magazine, newspaper, or even stock photography, editorial is simply about the story and how the emotional impact comes across. If an image can tell a thousand words than editorial photography has that market cornered. This can be a bit difficult and of course can be combined with commercial and fashion as well as conceptual though that is really up to the photographer and the job at hand.

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