Body Positivity - Not What You Think It Is

Body image has been a something of a battle for me since I was young. I new I didn't fit the mold of perfection in the sleek, nimble, nymph like body that the beauty industry led me to believe was ideal. As a performance artist for so long I battled through weight gain, weight loss, and all the fun that comes with it. Essentially, I hated anything and everything about my physical body except my collar bones (they are pretty awesome). Then one day, at 39 years old all of this changed. Ok, maybe not one day, but one day I realized there was a transformation. The lightbulb went off and the realization that I really truly love WHO I am made me see myself as beautiful. Every aspect of my physical being took a different light inside of me. I could look at myself and actually see a beauty I never saw before. My nose I that is just a bit too big for my face and long is quite interesting, my short thick legs were now strong and powerful (who needs thigh highs that fit anyway), my large bum ...........well, that still needs some work on accepting. The point though was that although I may not love every physical aspect of me I love what truly makes me, me.

Working hard on being the person I wanted to be led me to appreciate so much more than a fleeting youth and a body that is always in flux with scars that shows my life well lived. I have found pride in the alternate form of beauty that is art on my body (tattoos) and have increased them in number because it makes me feel more like me. The body positivity that I always sought was just waiting there for me to find it in the most unexpected ways. I can't say that this what will work for everyone and possibly not anyone else at all, though I do feel that once we really truly fall in love with who we are we can fall in love with the physical case that houses this incredible magic. Do you have a story of body positivity and transformation? I'd love to hear about and share it with the world! send me a message with your story and be featured in a special blog post that will be shared on all social media platforms as well as my blog and email list. I can't wait to hear your story and share in this adventure together.

Image by: Nicole Oswalt Garcia

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