Failing Forward

There is a lot of fear of failure among the vast majority of us. We grow up with this idea that failing is a bad thing and as we get older the thought of making a mistake or not succeeding at what we attempt, even in the smallest ways will mean a detrimental recourse that affects the rest of our lives. We then don't attempt things that we fear we may fail at. We stop dead in our tracks. Then there are the "trailblazers" of "talented" people we look at and think it comes easily to them. That couldn't be further from the truth. These people are just learning to fail forward. They take each step of failing and get back up and try again. They aren't "talented" they are dedicated. They take each moment as it comes and learns from what the failure is to continue growing. They look at failure as a way to learn not to do something and keep going.

How many times have you stood in your own way due to fear of failure? How many times have you simply given up because the pain of your failure is more than your will to keep trying? How many times have you let others' personal fears being projected on you stop you from doing what you are capable of? Why do you let fear of failure stop you?

I've asked myself this many times and yes, I too have allowed the fear of failure debilitate me and stop me from reaching what I'd love to reach. And I have stood in my own way. Recently, I have dived into the world of digital compositing. There are so many places on this earth I'd love to see and experience though my responsibilities as a mother and caretaker of my home prevents this from happening (for now). The only way I can create the images I want in locations I can't get to is through digital composite. I love fantasy and I love things that seem impossible. I have never been that great at digital manipulation and photoshop is still something I am learning to master. So, I bought the Renee Robyn RGG EDU tutorial. I wanted to create an image of my vision of the fire Goddess, Pele. With the help of her tutorial I dived into the work of digital composite. I failed, miserably. 6 times I attempted it and realized I am just no good and gave up. Until, I remembered to fail forward. Get back up and do it again and I did. I spent 9 hours creating an image in my head utilizing the techniques Renee taught. I created my first beautiful digital composite. I love what she says about success, "They only succeeded because they failed more times than you have tried". I now have this quote on my computer monitor. Keep failing because it means you keep trying.

I'll share my first digital composite with you because even though it could be better, it is a reminder to keep failing forward.

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