I Don't Have Wedding Memories

Well, I have 6. A total of 6 really cruddy blurry photos from my wedding to my second husband. I had the bright idea to give all of our guests disposable cameras to help us document the evening instead of hiring a professional photographer. We were on a budget and I foolishly thought that people would help us out. Wait, did I just say disposable cameras? {bashfully} Yes, I did. Look, it was 13 years ago and there was no way I could afford those cute point and shoot new fangled cameras for everyone. Shush.

Anyway, back to the story. So, I bought about 15 of those disposable film cameras and thought at least a couple will come out. I was terribly, horribly, terrifyingly wrong. Not only was it just a really crappy day in general and most of the people that RSVP'd didn't show up the rest that did were the typically El Paso late, and by late my I mean we had to postpone the ceremony for 45 minutes because no-one was there. Yeah, I had a drink (or 4). That though isn't the worst part, the worst part of it all, everyone except one stole the cameras. If any pictures had been taken they were never to be developed or seen again. I was left with one camera with 6 images on it. Biggest regret of that day that I can never get back.

Since that time, I have encouraged everyone getting married, even on a tight budget to invest in a professional photographer. After you take off the dress, leave the decorations, after the flowers have wilted, and everyone signs the guest book, the only lasting thing you will (or wont) have are the memories and the documentation of those. I really wish someone would have told me exactly how important this was and how as I look back on these past almost 13 years that is the one thing I really wish I had especially in times when I feel nostalgic. I now present to you the horror of the disposable camera wedding pictures. (Try not to laugh too hard).

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