A Tale of Survival

If you don't already know, I am a college student. I study Business for the Creative Industry at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and my minor is Commercial Photography. Well, last week I had an assignment due for for my Digital Photography II class where we had a "client" who was a musician that described their music as "Americana". That is a heck of an assignment. I knew I didn't quite want to work with models but an authentic musician who does match that description. As impatient as I am after putting out a model call with little appropriate response I set out to ask a friend that I recently reconnected with on social media. He has this incredible rock, bluesy, Americana style and thought he would be perfect for the assignment. After discussing with him exactly what I was looking for he agreed. Of course, after he agreed I got a few legitimate replies from musicians and I set up shoots for them later on. The day comes for shooting and it went splendidly albeit his nervousness as he had never had a professional photoshoot before. He was a real trooper and some gorgeous images came from it. Although this is a fascinating story (I know, I know) this isn't what inspired me to write this blog, what he told me when we were done was. My friend and I lost contact on social media a little over a year ago and I didn't think much of it other than some people just choose to escape the crazy upkeep that comes with the territory. He informed me as to why he left and just kind of disappeared and it broke my heart. Some crazy life changing medical emergencies happened that nearly took his life. I don't want to go into specifics as he told me this in confidence. My friend felt it necessary to just go away. I know many times some of us feel this way and don't really realize that we are not a burden on those that care about us, but a gift that we miss when they are gone. Luckily, all is well and he was able to have a wonderful time with me. He of course wasn't expecting much as most clients don't yet they trust me. Once he saw the images he was over the moon excited and when he showed his children their level of appreciation and proudness of their father was proof of why I do what I do. I went into this shoot as an assignment for school and finished it with an emotional attachment that I will always associate with the images. More than that, my friend has memories to carry with him and images his family will treasure for a lifetime as they know every moment is fleeting.

This is the power of existing in photos.


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