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Woot! An e-mail sign up list. Uhhhh.... nevermind. WAIT! Hold up, it's not quite what you think. Yes, I am offering an email sign up list but this I swear isn't one those lists that you subscribe to that gives you a bunch of information you couldn't care less about. This email list is to help keep you updated on all the cool happenings going on in 2017 with me and what I will be giving to you. Yep, to you. What does that mean? Well,, I will be creating expansive blog content for inspirational, uplifting, empowering, and motivational meanderings that will help you feel great about yourself, your life, your body, and help to reach your definition of success. Along with that I will be also creating how-to videos on exactly how to create costuming on a budget and how to get the best out of your cell phone for interesting and pleasing photos for your memories. With all of that I will also be giving away a $100 each month to an email list subscriber. Selected at random and done live one lucky winner who is currently signed up on the email list will get a $100 to spend on their portrait session. How exciting is that?!

So, before you run away getting scared about yet another email list that will spam you, I promise to provide you with interesting fun, and goofy content that can only help improve your life.

Share with all that you think could a weekly pick me up.


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