You, Goddess!

The more I talk with women or just observe them in engaging social platforms such as social media I notice a horrible trend; negative image of self. Now, this is not to say all women but it is so pervasive in our society that women see themselves not worthy of taking up space, or not beautiful enough, young enough, thin enough to take up space. As if all of these things are what allow you to exist. It makes my heart sad and I want to shake every single one of you and get that pesky negativity out of you! Listen, we are all Goddess incarnate, this is not a religious reference but one that means we are the physical manifestation of the vessel of life. We are femininity and by that we are all inherently valuable and should be admired, by ourselves first and foremost. Your physical being is perfect, your inner being is perfect, your soul is perfect. You are allowed to celebrate this. I challenge you to tell yourself everyday what a perfect Goddess you are. Try it for 30 days, yes, everyday for 30 days and see how transformative this positive thinking is for your own personal view on your self worth. Let me know how it goes. ~Sazhrah

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