Cultivate Your Own Garden

“We must cultivate our garden” – Voltaire

Sometimes it is really hard for to grasp all the blessings we have in our lives. We chase after things such as money, fame, success, the latest gadget that will help others perceive our own social status that we forget that these don’t genuinely make us happy. Sharing our talents, gifts, privileges with others to make them feel better is what true happiness comes from. Sharing in this with other of like mind makes it even better.

For Thanksgiving this year I decided that instead of parting of the gluttony of the day I would, with other incredible photographers, give those who aren’t as fortunate, professional portraits. I get to eat my fill every day, live in a quaint but comfortable home, have warm clothes on my body, and am able to protect and provide for my family. Not everyone can say that and portraits, which everyone deserves to have, are not a priority when you don’t even have a place to call home or are food insecure. Fellow photographers and I spent our day meeting, connecting, and giving to residents of a local Rescue Mission. It was better than any Thanksgiving meal I have ever tasted.

When we really want to be happy we shouldn’t chase after more than what we can reasonably sustain. We must learn to cultivate our own gardens and when we have surplus we should give freely to others. Why let our harvesting go to waste because of selfishness when other can share in our bounty and with that we become connected? This is my thanks. I am thankful for all of the blessings I have in my garden which are abundant.


Image courtesy of Patrick Craig.

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