Doubt, That Nasty Little Creature

I’m pretty sure that all of us experience some sort of doubt. You know that nasty little creature that climbs inside of your head a day or two after a creative outburst that says you aren’t good enough and makes you question everything? Yeah, it came for a visit today. I have been so terribly excited for the new adventures coming and I know I have a great support from my school and fellow constituents in the local photography world and I have done research pertaining to the necessity of such business ventures that I didn’t really take time to realize how I would deal with this thing called doubt.

Now, I am one to openly admit I am terribly hard on myself and although I do accept failure in certain aspects and learn from them I am terrified of ultimate failure. What would happen if I put all of my time, energy, finances, resources, and knowledge into this one thing and it is a giant flop? I am not saying that it wouldn’t go through growing pains but all in all I wouldn’t be able to keep up with market demands and consumer needs and it just tanks? Did I end up wasting my time? How does that look on a resume? These are the questions that prevent me from moving forward today. This doubt, this nasty little creature who decided to reside in my head for the day has prevented me from going forward with any action. So, instead I will dive into more learning and hope that tomorrow Doubt decides to move on and I will find motivation yet again.

What do you do to combat doubt? Do you actively fight it or are you more passive like myself and just roll with it until your motivation comes back?


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